For the last 18 years I've focused on design through a foundation of strategy and user-experience.

Let's Rewind.
When I was 10 years old I built a personal hovercraft with a leaf blower, a trashbag, plywood, and a hatchet. At 17, I designed and welded my own bike — deceivingly heavy. Soon after, I began working at a screenprinting shop, and was creating interactive experiences with a digital design studio at age 20.

Over more recent years, the creative artisans of McGarrah Jessee and strategic methodologists of Frog design provided me with oppurtunities to contribute and lead their internationally acclaimed design practices. At Silvercar, I currently foster the design & experience
discplines across three different products.

I enjoy creating experiences that people want to be around.         That is true to consumers as well as team culture.

Motion Mimics Life

An activity based workshop discussing motion studies, explorations and principles. Particpants were able to capture their own time-lapsed movements with the task of building an architectural structure with over-sized Legos.

Type Shop

A hands-on typography workshop where participants built basic letter forms from a library of building blocks. They were able to cut and arrange their own typography, then use a chemical transfer process onto the material of their choice.

Austin Design Week

This fast-paced concepting session defined core principles that can give Austin's creative community a foundation to reclaim & sustain the ecosystem that makes our city the creative powerhouse that it truly embodies today.