Terri, I Love You.

This is not a deep yearning love. It's not butterfly kisses in public love. It's not two people in one sleeping bag love. But I feel there is some connection between us. Maybe it's because you make me smile, although, your grammar sends me wondering if you are an application crawling the web looking for venerable people to hand over their credit card information. Terri, show me some sign of life, tell me you are real. I need this and you definitely need this. Your all-caps sense of urgency makes me believe you are real, so I'll hold my breath for now. Because, only a low-paying, over-promised client can light this kind of fire under someone. 

I came across your comment while looking at Cinemagraphs (a technique of fusing still and moving imagery and publishing in the form of animated gifs). Now, let's address some of the topics in your frantic post.
  • I'm very happy you have the drive to learn new things.
  • Software can be any pro editing app (After Effects), or even some mobile apps (Cinemagram). 
  • From your "PLEASE NO SO EXPENSIVE SOFTWARE" comment, I recommend Cinemagram. 
  • I'm not sure why you are taping your client.
  • Never apologize unless you mean it.
  • You're Welcome.